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About the enterprise

We, UE “Specialized combine of municipal services” RITUAL-MINSK.BY ,state-owned enterprise, which is created on the basis of the decision of the Executive Committee of the Minsk city Council of deputies № 178 from 5.08.1971 on the basis of an existing Office funeral service (with 26.11.1964 g), which, in turn, was the successor funeral home of Minorcans serving the field of funeral services in the city of Minsk, 10 July 1944.

The municipal unitary enterprise “Specialized combine of municipal services” is registered by the decision of the Minsk city Executive Committee of 29.09.2000 No. 1099 in the unified register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs for No. 100,135,770.
Since may 2013, the organization has been subordinate to the Minsk city Executive Committee.

The documents underlying the activities of the organization:организации:

  1. The company’s Charter (approved in a new version by the decision of the Minsk city Executive Committee of February 29, 2008 No. 384 with amendments and additions to the Charter adopted by the decision of the Minsk city Executive Committee of 30.07.2009 No. 1803).
  2. Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 8, 2015 No. 237-Z “on burial and funeral business”.
  3. Rules for the maintenance and improvement of burial places approved by the resolution of the Ministry of housing and communal services of the Republic of Belarus No. 17 dated 10.06.2016.
  4. Decision of the Minsk city Executive Committee of 04.02.2016 № 260 “on certain issues related to burial and funeral business”.

SPC “Spetskombinat KBO” is a state specialized organization in the city of Minsk in the field of funeral services.
Based on its own database, the company offers a full range of funeral services and a wide range of products; has its own exhibition hall, where new types of products are displayed; a network of branches of stores that work around the clock both for the registration of graves and for the sale of funeral products; a farewell hall, including a refrigerator, a rest room, a meal room.
The qualified staff of the company can advise You at any time and offer you all the necessary list of funeral accessories, as well as solve organizational issues for You in a difficult moment.
All information about funeral services can be obtained around the clock by calling 173. The company has a large production base, which allows you to produce any goods necessary for the work of the funeral organization.
As part of the plant, there is a crematorium that performs cremations of the deceased with subsequent burial of their ashes.
All cemeteries of the city are on the company’s balance sheet.