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Funeral services

Based on their database the enterprise the municipal unitary enterprise “the Enterprise of the BWC” offers:

– full range of funeral services

– a wide range of products;

– has its own exhibition hall where new types of products are displayed;

– a network of branches of stores that work around the clock both for the registration of graves and for the sale of funeral products;

– farewell hall, which includes a refrigerator, a rest room, and a meal room.

The qualified staff of the company can advise You at any time and offer you all the necessary list of funeral accessories, as well as solve organizational issues for You in a difficult moment.
All information about funeral services can be obtained around the CLOCK by calling 173-short number, +375(29) 173-0-173.

As part of the plant, there is a crematorium that performs cremations of the deceased with subsequent burial of their ashes.
All cemeteries in Minsk are on the company’s balance sheet

Ритуальные МАГАЗИНЫ:

Магазин ул.Ольшевского, 12 (КРУГЛОСУТОЧНО)
Филиал магазина в Минском крематории
Филиал магазина кл. “Восточное” (Московское) пр.Независимости, 161Б
Филиал магазина кл. “Западное”
Филиал магазина ул. Семашко, 8
Филиал магазина кл. “Лесное” тр-т Смиловичский, 29
Филиал ритуального магазина кладбища “Северное”